Below are members from St. Augustine of Canterbury Council who have served on the Winnipeg Diocesan Council as presidents, and the years of their service as president. This does not include the years of service prior to becoming president.

Mary Pungente                    1962-1964

Yvonne Lewandoski            1991-1993

Suzanne Kiazyk                  1995-1997

Dolores Blanchard              1999-2001

Dina Auriti                          2005-2007

Albertine Moran                 2007-2005


Following are other members from our council who have served on the Diocesan Council. Jacqueline DeCorby is a Bellelle Guerin Award recipient.

Barbara Hamm                1973-1982 (?)

Jacqueline DeCorby

Carol MacKenzie-Gruber  2016-